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Welcome to The Haunted Carousel walkthrough. This walkthrough was designed for the Junior Detective and will be written in more of "bullet" form, leading you through the important points to do in each part of the game. The game is non-linear, meaning if you want to tinker with something I haven't talked about yet, feel free to do so. After all, this is meant to be a guide for you to finish the game and it's better to finish the game on your own. :) Also, all spoilers will be written in spoiler code. When you see a black box, highlight it to read what is inside. Example: Hello there!
One more thing: If a part of the game is not as written in the walkthrough, exhaust all conversation possibilities, then try again.
Okay, let's begin!

Meet the Suspects

After the letter from Nancy to Ned, call Paula Santos. She has asked you to investigate the strange happenings at Captain's Cove.
Exit the Captain's Quarter's Hotel.
Enter the whale's mouth and talk to Harlan Bishop, the security guard. He gives you a fun pass and tells you to go see Joy Trent.
          Be sure to ask, "I see you have a security camera trained on the carousel. . . "
Exit the whale's mouth.
Go to Joy Trent's office and talk to her. Sounds like she's blaming Paula for the hauntings. She will give you an access card so that you can get into the employee areas of the park. She talks about Ingrid Corey, chief engineer, and Elliot Chen, art director.
Look at/read the following in Joy's office:

Stolen Jewels?  Newspaper about Lance Huffington  Ballroom changed into haunted house

File CabinetOpen Joy's file cabinet and take out the notepad. It is written in stenography and is about one of the carousel horses being sold. The name is blurred so we will have to find some information on stenography.

Exit Joy's office.
Go to Ingrid Corey's office and talk to her. She sounds like a believer in curses. She also mentions that carousel horses can be valuable.
Exit Ingrid's office and go to the office of Elliot Chen. Oh, no! Paint is spilled and we have to get Joy to call Elliot.

Using the Access Card

Go to the haunted house and use the access card to try and get in. Red light; doesn't work.
Go to the Tidal Terror Roller Coaster. Click on the red tag. I wonder what the deal is with this red tag. . . ?
Go to the Midway and observe the broken game.
Head over to Ingrid's and ask the following:
          "I'd like to take a closer look at the roller coaster. . ."
          "I don't seem to be having much luck using my access card. . ."
          "Any advice on how to go about fixing the midway game. . . "
She will give you the resistor and the handbook and ask you to fix the midway game and card reader. You will have to find the keyboard and get the soldering gun from Elliot. She also mentions that her pliers are missing.
Exit Ingrid's office and go to the haunted house.
Use the access card to enter.
Pick up the keyboard at the end of the hall:

Enter the door to your left.
Continue straight and open the other door. Note the radiator.
Exit the haunted house and go to the midway.
Open the back of Barnacle Blast, the broken game, using your access card.
View the instructions on the inside of the door.
Plug in the keyboard and enter the necessary information. Can't figure out what to enter? Highlight the spoiler:


All fixed! :)

Miles the Magnificent Memory Machine

Exit the midway and go to Joy's office to leave a note for her to call Elliot.
Joy is not there and has left a talking. . . item in her stead.
Talk to the beeping junk-piece and you will learn that he is Miles the Magnificent Memory Machine.
After talking to him, turn to the left and use the notepad on Joy's desk to leave a message for her.
Pick up her pencil. Eeew...she chews them.

Under the Carousel

Exit Joy's office and go to Elliot's office.
Paula Santos will call you and talk to you about the jewel article in Joy's office. K.J. Perris, a detective, will call us later.
Elliot's too busy to talk to us.
Turn to the right and grab some tissue paper strips and tape:

Pick up the receipt on the floor. Elliot apparently ordered a lot of wood recently.
Exit Elliot's office and go to the carousel. K. J. Perris will call us about the jewel theft.
Open the white gate and enter the carousel.
Navigate around the horses and open the panel.
Use your access card to open the carousel:

Once inside the gear room, turn to the right twice and open the trap door in the floor. It leads to the space underneath the carousel.
Continue straight until you see the small blue object on the ground:

Pick up the object and click on the red part. The carousel will start moving! Quickly turn to the right and go straight to get back to the gear room. If you do not do this fast enough, you will be squashed, and will need to use the second chance button to try again.
As you come out of the trap door, you will see a letter stuck in the gears of the carousel. Nancy can't reach it, so we will have to get it later.

Stenography and Midway Games

Remember the notepad from Joy's office? We need help from pals.
Get out your cell phone and call Bess Marvin. Her number is already in the directory, or you can dial it manually: [1-523-555-4468]
You can chat with them all you want, but be sure to ask:
          "I need you guys to do something for me. . ."
They will get some information for us and call us when they've found something.
Exit the carousel and go to the midway.
Look at the Prize-O-Matic. Hey, we could use that Chinese yo-yo to get the letter down from the gear room! We will need a seahorse token.
Go to Swimmer's Itch, the middle game. This gives out a seahorse token as a prize.
Insert your Fun Pass into the machine and choose Medium.
Use these diagrams if you get stuck on a level:

Level One Level Two
Level Three

Collect the seahorse token and use it to get a Chinese yo-yo.
Go to the carousel and get the letter down using the yo-yo.
The letter is unsent and is to Amelia Kessler, from her husband Rolfe Kessler, who was the man who carved the carousel.
In the letter he mentions that there was a door to his workshop in the ballroom by the radiator. We saw a radiator - in the haunted house, which used to be the ballroom! That must be the entrance to Kessler's workshop!

Fixing the Card Reader and More Stenography

Go to the radiator in the haunted house.
Go forward, then up, and slide open the panel above the radiator.
Take out the ZapTech, which you found under the carousel, and point it at the similar device.
Another panel slides open, revealing a keyhole!
Too bad we don't have the key.
Exit the haunted house and go to Elliot's studio.
Bess and George will call, saying that they have found some information on stenography. They e-mailed us a tutorial. We will do that after we get the soldering gun from Elliot.
Talk to Elliot and get the soldering gun. Also ask him about the hidden door in the haunted house.
Exit Elliot's studio and go to the roller coaster.
Open up the card reader and place the resistor where it goes. Then secure it using the soldering gun as shown:

Fixing the Card Reader

Turn on the light. There, that looks right.
Take the red tag off and deliver it to Harlan.
Then, go to the hotel so we can translate that note.
If you want, look at the room service menu on the nightstand and use the hotel phone to order something to eat.
Go to Nancy's laptop and check your e-mail. If you follow the tutorial given, you will be able to figure out the name of the carousel horse. Still can't figure out the name of the horse? Here is the answer: Glory
Type the name of the horse onto the notepad and Nancy will verbally affirm it.

Roller Coaster Trouble

Head back to the roller coaster and use your access card to get in.
Continue forward until you see the "emergency stop" sign. Pick up the pencil. That looks like one of Joy's!
Turn around and make your way for the exit. Oh, no! Your foot is trapped!
Open the track switcher and connect the wires as follows:

Green - Bottom, Red - Middle, Blue - Top

Then click Power and choose track A.
Good, your foot is free. Now head over to Joy's office and tell her what happened.
Miles, the talking pile of junk, tells that we came into Joy's office while she was gone! But Joy admires Nancy's spunk.
She also tells us that her father created Miles to reconnect her to her childhood - an unpleasant childhood at that. Turns out that Miles has riddles for Joy to help her do so.

Miles' First Riddle

"To be told a truth long since put away, bring me the silvery remains of a four-bit day."

Go to Elliot's workshop and ask him about the riddle.
Elliot has the answer! We need to bring Miles a souvenir spoon that comes with a Fundae.
Exit Elliot's workshop and go to the Captain's Quarters.
If you have already ordered food, you can pick up the phone and order a Fundae. If not, go to Nancy's nightstand and look at the room service menu, then order a Fundae.
Eat the Fundae (Yum yum!) and take the spoon.
Exit the hotel and go to Joy's office.
Tell Joy that you have the answer to the riddle, then give Miles the spoon.
Yes! We had the right answer.
We also learn that Joy destroyed every picture of her mother that her father had. How sad.

Miles' Second Riddle

Miles gives us a blank piece of paper and tells us that it's the second riddle. Hmm.
Exit Joy's office and go to the Captain's Quarters.
As you enter Nancy's room, turn left into the iron closet.
Get out the iron and turn it on, then place the piece of paper on the ironing board and iron it until it is readable.

The first eight notes of your favorite band organ tune
One mouth organ
One smidgen of talent
One happy Miles

Take the paper, turn off the iron, and go to the midway. We need to get a "mouth organ." [harmonica]
To get a harmonica, we need a mermaid token, a seashell token, and an anchor token.
That means we will have to play Squid Toss and Barnacle Blast.
Go to Squid Toss and insert your fun pass. If you can't beat the game with the first try, here are the settings to use:

Toss 1: Power - shrimp, Aim - 1 to the left
Toss 2: Power - dolphin, Aim - 1 to the right
Toss 3: Power - whale, Aim - 1 to the right

Collect the anchor token and go to Barnacle Blass.
Insert your fun pass to play. This game is really quite simple - you have seen it before. Take as many tries as you need to win - remember, if you use up your fun pass you can always get another one from Harlan.
Collect the seashell and mermaid tokens. Use all three tokens to get the harmonica.
Then exit the midway and talk to Joy.
Tell her about the piece of paper. A band organ is what plays music on a carousel, and a mouth organ is a harmonica.
Miles gives us a hint: Joy's favorite tune is on the third roll, and we will have to "Tink" about this one.
Exit Joy's office and go to the carousel.

Open up the carousel and this time, use your access card to open the right side.
These are the controls for the band organ.
Look at the note posted on the left. We will have to call Tink. Tink. . . from Miles' hint! We must be on the right track.
Get out your phone and call Tink. His number is programmed into your directory.
Tink will tell us the combination to the cabinet in the gear room - 1, 8, 9, 3, 9.
Close the band organ controls and open the gear room.
Turn to your left and you will see the cabinet Tink was talking about. Enter 1, 8, 9, 3, 9 as the combination. Remember to press the diamond button between each number.
Take the third roll, exit the gear room, and open up the controls to the band organ again.
Open the door where the note is and place the third roll on the dowel. Oh, no! The dowel is broken!
Take the dowel pieces and go to Elliot's.
You will get a phone call from K. J. Perris about the jewel thief.
After the conversation, enter Elliot's workshop and ask him if we can use his lathe.
He will consent. Head over to the lathe and put on the safety goggles.
Take a rod and turn on the lathe. Here are specific instructions for making the new dowel:

  1. Move the sharpener one to the right.
  2. Put the lathe on the third notch and turn it on.
  3. Repeat steps 1-2 five times.
  4. Move the sharpener one to the right.
  5. Put the lathe on the first notch and turn it on.

That looks perfect.
Take the new dowel and look to your left. You will see a magazine:

Flip through the pages and you will see a carousel specialist named Anton Sukov. His number might come in handy.
Turn around and you should see a box on the table that wasn't there before. Open it up. Those look like horse tails. . . !
Exit Elliot's workshop and go to the carousel. Open up the band organ controls.
Put the new rod in place and load roll 3.
Look at the right side where the pipes are. Place the tissue paper strips on top of the holes and secure them with tape. This is so that we can see which notes to play.
Switch from "CD" to "Roll."
The notes we need to play for Miles are A E D E F E A E.
Turn off the band organ and go to Joy's office.
Tell her that we have figured out the riddle, then play the notes A E D E F E A E for Miles on the "mouth organ." Play them slowly, they don't have to be as fast as the band organ. And when you finish, do not put the harmonica down, but wait for Miles to tell you that it is right.
Seems that Joy's mother was the one that bought Glory off of the carousel for Joy.

Time to Snoop!

Joy has a startling confession: She was the one that turned the power off on the roller coaster and caused the accident that shut down the park!
Exit Joy's office and go to Harlan's. He will not be there.
Look at the blue magazine on his desk. On it, there is a circled number: 101190. This is the combination to Harlan's locker.
Turn around and open Harlan's locker using the combination. Remember to press the button above between each number, just like you did for the cabinet in the gear room.
Ahhh, yes. It is fun to snoop. Check out Harlan's appointment book. He has an appointment with Luis G. Wonder who that is.
Look below. He has a tape. Let's play it and see what's on it.
Close the locker and insert the tape in the player on his desk.
Harlan used the surveillance equipment to spy on Ingrid! The key to her work area is 0726. Oh well, we can use it too. :)
Put the tape back in Harlan's locker and go to Ingrid's.
Her door will be locked. Enter the code (0726) and enter.
Turn to the left and go to where Ingrid is usually standing. Look at the paper on her table. L. H. Lance Huffington maybe?
Then turn around and go to her computer. Pick up the sportscar brochure and look in the bag. Wow. That's one expensive watch.
Then get out your phone and call L.H. Hmm...seems that Ingrid shared a "plan" with Lance Huffington.
Now call Luis G. He is a parole officer - someone who works with people that have been in prison! That means Harlan must have been in prison!
Then call Paula. Say, "I'm afraid I've discovered something kind of disturbing about Harlan." Turns out she already knows.
Go to Joy's office. Uh-oh. Harlan's calling for us. And he sounds mad. Head to his office, pronto!
Paula just called him, and he's maaaaaad. Whoopsie.
Head to Joy's office again. Ho boy. Harlan's calling again, so go to his office.
He has a note for us! A key! Maybe it goes to that door in the haunted house!

Haunted House Escapades

Go to the room with the radiator in the haunted house. Open the panels again, and use the key to open the door.
Descend down the stairs and pick up the pliers. Ingrid was looking for them before; maybe they're hers.
Uh-oh. As Nancy looks up, keep your mouse at the bottom of the screen, and as soon as you see the pufferfish being pushed over the ledge, click to back up.
Whew! That was a close one.
Exit the haunted house and talk to Ingrid. Be sure to say:
          "I understand you know the man. . ."
          "Here're your pliers. . . "

Miles' Final Riddle

We need to:

First things first. Get out your phone and call Tink. He says he does not have the book and that he threw it away. Oh, well. Maybe Anton Sukov knows about Amelia. Call him.
Ask Anton if he knows Amelia's name. Score - he does! "Spatzi" was her nickname.
Now go to the carousel.
Luis Guerra will call. After you are finished talking, insert your fun pass over to the side of the carousel.
You will have to catch the brass ring off of the carousel when it goes by. Here is the way to position your mouse:

Then go to the haunted house and look at Spook Ten, the figure standing up after you enter the second door. Looks like he's missing an arm. We know who to go for help - Ingrid! Ask her how we can fix it.
She gives us the arm for the dummy and her pliers. Exit her work area and go to the haunted house.
Place the arm back on the dummy and tighten it using the pliers until Nancy says, "That looks tight enough."
Take the tag off of the dummy and deliver it to Harlan, then go back to the haunted house.
Lift the flap over the dummy's stomach and enter SPATZI. Then position the brass ring onto the dummy's right arm.

The End!

A sign will come down. . . Oh, Joy! This is it!
Descend down the creaky stairs. Nancy will fall and the horse's leg will break, revealing jewels. This horse must be Glory.
Pick up the jewels and read the letter to Joy from her father.
Stand up and enter Kessler's workshop to the right.
Poke around and notice that someone has been making forgeries of the carousel horse.
Then click on the door, and out will come the culprit!
Make sure that when the culprit notices the jewels, you say, "That's right. You want 'em? Here!"
Quickly enter the door, turn around, go up the stairs and across the hole. The door will close by itself (Isn't that always the way?) and you will be trapped.
When the culprit finishes speaking, do the following:

Take the brass ring off of the dummy.

Case Closed, Detective! Nice job!

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Walkthrough by:

Mary Ann